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The Brunello Family of planters are available in 6 sizes and 4 colours. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. The top rims are rolled deep to provide sturdiness and enhance their elegance. Each planter has a pre-drilled drainage hole and we can supply saucers to match. The Brunello Planter is easy to handle and can be left outdoors all year round. The planters will never crack in winter or fade in summer. They are naturally protected against harsh weather and ultraviolet rays by the sheer properties of polyethylene. Our fine line of garden planters are made to last and are backed by a 10 year limited warranty

Brunello Family

Size Dimensions Code
12 Height 9 A2640
14 Height 10.5 A2635
16 Height 13 A2640
20 Height 16 A2650
26 Height 22 A2668
31 Height 25 A2680



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