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The Orinoco Bowls feature a sleek comtemporary design that is sure to compliment patio or terrace. The wide berth of the Orinoco Bowls make many things possible - water feature, rock garden, floating candles, planted with your favourite plant or even as a contemporary table top planter. The 30' and 40' bowls include a full rubber stopper, as well as a perforated stopper for the purpose of feeding pump cables through the bottom. Perfect for water gardens. The Orinoco Bowls are portable for use indoors and outdoors. They are available in 3 sizes and 3 colours.

They come with a 10 year limited warranty

Orinoco Family

Size Dimensions Code
22 Height 8" x Width 22" A4655
30 Height 12" x Width 30" A4680
40 Height 15" x Width 40" A46100



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